Sponsor a Child & Change Two Lives

The differences between sponsored students and those who are not may seem small. But to the needy children, the difference is big. Having a sponsor means that a caring adult thinks you are wonderful. You are worthy of being appreciated and encouraged. There is power in knowing that you are loved. Having a sponsor may also mean some special gifts, cards, and a sense of security. Sponsors are encouraged to write to their students at least twice a year. Representatives of RPU can deliver them and bring back replies along with photos and reports. Suggestions for writing can be found by clicking here.

Poor parents, who cannot pay anything for their child’s education, may begin to feel uneasy about keeping a child at MSA without a sponsor. They may pull the child out of school and have them go to work.

When students write to their sponsors saying “I love you so much,” they are not being glib. They are truly grateful. You may be the only constant person in their lives–the only one who encourages them in their big dreams.

On the sponsor’s side, Francis of Assisi said it well: “For it is in giving that we receive.” One of our oldest sponsors proclaimed to her church, “I feel for the first time in my life, I’m making a real difference in a child’s life.”

Sponsor a young child — Nursery School and Primary School

Children begin Mustard Seed Academy when they are only three years old. Most of these new students are ‘sponsored’ by Real Partners Uganda until a personal sponsor selects them.

Sponsoring a young child, in one of the Nursery School classes, or in a Primary School class, is only $40 a month, or $480 for the whole year.

You can ask for one of the children pictured here by name. If that child has recently been sponsored, we will suggest a child, and if you agree we will begin that sponsorship. Or, if you want us to match a child to your preferences for age, gender, religion, we are happy to do that. There are many children waiting for their own special sponsor.

Victoria is in second grade (P-2). She stays with a poor grandmother. She likes to draw and is a good student. ($40/mo or $480/year)

Shirat is in fourth grade (P-4). She comes from a large family. Her father doesn’t have steady work and her mother is unemployed. She is artistic and writes well.   ($40/mo or $480/year)

Sharon lives with a grandmother, as her parents are unable to provide for her. ($40/mo or $480/year)

Twaliha is in Primary-2 (second grade). His parents separated, and he stays with his mother’s friend. ($40/mo or $480/year)

Sponsor a Teenager at Mustard Seed Secondary School

Primary school, in Uganda, ends after 7th grade (P-7). Next comes secondary school with four years of O levels (ordinary). Nearly all Mustard Seed Secondary students need sponsors. Many poor parents will struggle to keep a young child in school. However, when the child becomes a teenager, they may see the child as another pair of hands to do work to support the family. Or worse, in the case of girls, they may decide to marry them off. Your sponsorship of $70/month can rescue a child from such a fate.

Secondary School sponsorships are more expensive because the secondary school’s expenses are higher. There are more books, labs, materials, and teachers needed. And older kids eat more. Their uniforms cost more. Most Secondary School students board at school.

Choose one of the students pictured below, or let us assign the currently most needy child to you.

Choose between monthly $70 donations, quarterly $210, or a once-a-year $840 gift.

Becoming a Secondary School Sponsor is easy! Just be prepared for how it may change your life.

Sponsor a Teenager – Get Started Here

Geofrey is among the best students in S-1. He was staying with his grandmother until last month when she died. He loves football (soccer) and is good with computer skills. ($70/mo or $840/year)

Fatumah is in Senior 1 (freshman) and is a good student. She loves netball. Her mother tries to provide for her family by working at night. Fatumah needs to be boarding. ($70/mo or $840/year)

Mary is a total orphan. She stays with an aunt who has many other children. She is artistic and a very good student in S-1. She loves her teachers at Mustard Seed. ($70/mo or $840/year)

Peter is a bright, well-disciplined boy in S-2. He likes helping others, has a strong interest in ICT skills, and is good at volleyball. He stays with his father; their mother left them. He very much wants to complete secondary school. ($70/mo or $840/year)

Give to Higher Education

Give to help students in the Career Opportunity Pathways program (COP). You can choose to donate to the general scholarship fund for the program, or you can sponsor a student. Find out more about the COP program on “Our Programs” page

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