Writing to your MSA student

Letters will be delivered each time we visit the school (twice a year). 

Write or type your letter and place it in an envelope with your child’s full name on the outside. Adding the student’s class (grade in school) and your name will help ensure its safe delivery. Cursive is okay from 5th grade up; for younger children, printing is best.

Send your letters in a second envelope to: Real Partners Uganda, 5 Sicomac Rd, #203, North Haledon, NJ 07508

Because of limited luggage space, we ask that you only write letters and not send gifts. 
Helpful tips:

  • Write about different topics such as seasons, holiday traditions, family and pets, your job, hobbies, involvement at church, or your favorites (foods, sports, play activities, etc.)
  • Let them know you are praying for them (or thinking good thoughts…whatever is consistent for you). Include words of encouragement– poems, quotes, Bible verses. 
  • Include photos of yourself and your family. Label the names of each person on the back of the picture. (Many sponsors use their Christmas cards for this.)
  • Children and adults enjoy receiving greeting cards from America. A ‘thinking of you’ greeting card works well.
  • Avoid writing about or picturing the things you have. Remember, these children are living with the bare minimum. 
  • Avoid slang and idioms. English is not their first language. And, the English they learn at school is more like the British form– with a little Ugandanese mixed in.  
  • Do not offer your phone number, address, or email address. 
  • Do not include any money in the envelope or promise them anything specific. (You can designate money for something your child needs via a donation on the RPU website.)
  • Although not necessary, tiny items that can easily fit in the envelope may be included. One sponsor sent a template for a paper airplane. Others have sent a page from a gamebook such as Tic, Tac, Toe, a simple crossword puzzle, etc. And others have found small coloring books, stickers, stamps, paper dolls, friendship bracelets…. 

It means a lot to your child that you stay in touch.