Mission & Values

Our Mission

To reflect Christ’s love in the world, we work in partnership with Ugandans to develop sustainable learning communities that model effective education, conservation, health care, and economic development.

RPU directors, advisors, and partners are largely Christian in their background and practice. However, we encourage those who have different backgrounds and practices to join us in the mission of bringing hope and peace to a hurting area of the world. And we partner with Ugandan leaders who are different from us in many ways. They understand the culture far better than we do from afar.

Our values

Peacemaking is the central theme of our values.

We value:

  • All of creation
  • The dignity and worth of all people as children of God, made in the Creator’s image
  • Holistic education
  • Equity and justice
  • Humility and service
  • Diversity and harmony.

All the founders of RPU identify themselves as environmentalists. Their Christian faith gives deeper meaning to stewardship of all creation. Several directors and advisors are educators; all are life-long learners. There are plenty of opportunities for both learning and teaching in Lukaya.

As Christians, we are all familiar with Jesus’s command to “Let the children come onto me.” And we are committed to following his example of serving, healing, and defending orphans, the least, and the lost. Breaking the cycle of poverty and injustice is our calling.

Food is strength, and food is peace, and food is freedom… – John F Kennedy

Faith in Action

In practice, we support Mustard Seed Academy financially, with advice and guidance. We work collaboratively with the Ugandan leadership. Our focus is on holistic education that leads to healthy, secure, confident young people. We encourage educating the whole child. Physical, intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual dimensions are all given attention.

Early in our work in Uganda, we discovered some common practices at schools that broke our hearts. Teachers used corporal punishment. Administrators ridiculed a child in front of the other students. More than a hundred pupils were in one class with one teacher. Learning activities were rote and repetitive. Facilities were dark, stuffy, and unsafe.

We envisioned a bright and lively school with skilled and caring teachers. We wanted to create a haven for the poor and vulnerable students who were everywhere in town. We wanted the children to have good nutritious food and quality health care. Our goal was to find the ‘sweet spot’ for Mustard Seed’s facilities and programs. We did not want to build an American-style school, but one that was culturally and environmentally friendly.

Another goal was to see all students treated fairly and with respect. At school, it shouldn’t matter what a child’s background is or what religion his family practices. They are all part of the Mustard Seed family and children of God.