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With every trip to Uganda, RPU representatives come home with thousands of photos. In this gallery, you can see the best of the latest and go on a virtual trip with us. 

Pearl of Africa: Culture and

Daily Life

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is made up of many tribes and cultures. The largest group are those who speak Luganda. They are called Baganda (singular is Muganda). They are from the kingdom of Buganda. The trading center of Lukaya is within Buganda, but many people are from other tribes or of completely different ethnicity. Enjoy the variety!

Pearl of Africa: Wildlife and

Natural History 

With more species of birds than all of North America, Ugandan wildlife presents another aspect of diversity. Lake Victoria, wetlands, mountains, savannas, and rainforests can all be visited within this small country. All of the “Big Five” can be found, and Uganda is a wonderful place to trek the endangered Mountain Gorilla.