Our Schools

Mustard Seed Nursery School

Every year, 40 pupils are accepted into the baby class at Mustard Seed Nursery School. Over 100 families apply. Who wouldn’t want their little one to join the best nursery school in town? The school’s wonderful care and teaching are well-known.

There are many opportunities for free-play during morning break, lunchtime, and after school. A wonderful playground and large classrooms offer plenty of areas for movement. It’s a joyful place. It’s also a place where learning is taken seriously.

English is rarely spoken in local homes. So, there is a big emphasis on language skills while the developing brain is primed for this. Learning how to be a student is also a high priority. Nurturing the whole child begins here.

Despite all the advantages, the cost of Mustard Seed Nursery School is very low. At least half of the pupils from every class come from homes where there is no money, and they pay nothing. Other families pay depending on their circumstances.

Mustard Seed Primary School

Most students entering primary school are 6 year-olds. They find the same loving care that they received at Mustard Seed Nursery School. But the campus is much bigger, and it’s a longer walk from town. Students quickly adjust. They get excited to see their older siblings and friends. Like children everywhere, they are eager to grow up.

Our primary school has 7 levels, which is typical in Uganda. They are Primary-1 through Primary-7. The word used for each level is class–not grade. The term, First Grade, is used for excellent exam results.

By the time students enter P-7, they are quite mature. They need to focus on their schoolwork and preparing for their exams. To provide more help in their final year of primary school, all students become boarders. This is exciting for them. It allows for three meals a day, good sleeping conditions, regular electricity, clean water, and evening review sessions. Even the best homes in Lukaya can’t provide these things.

The extra care pays off. In 2019, 30 of our students earned First Grades on the PLE–tops in the district. Results like that are rare outside of the elite boarding schools in Kampala. At other “up-country” schools, a single First Grade is often cause for rejoicing.

Mustard Seed Secondary School

Our school has the smallest student body of all the secondary schools in Lukaya. Each of the four classes is limited to 40 students. In Uganda, where bigger is often associated with better, Mustard Seed is doing things differently. Each student is nurtured as an individual with unique gifts and talents. Equally important, they are part of a tight-knit community. One would need to look far to find a school with more loyal students.

What happens outside of class is as important as what happens during class time. There are opportunities for growth in many areas. A full-size playing field and many sports teams provide options for students with athletic prowess. Clubs for music, dance and drama, art, poetry, and chess help students to develop various talents.

Watching Mustard Seed Secondary students giving campaign speeches for leadership positions revealed much about the school. Candidates spoke with confidence and enthusiasm. Their English was clear and correct. One girl who wanted to be the Prefect for Entertainment sang most of her speech. Her classmates expressed appreciation with loud applause. The level of respect that the voters showed each candidate was remarkable.

Boarding is provided for all Secondary-4 scholars. Living at school helps them prepare for their Ugandan Certificate of Education exams. It also increases the opportunities for collaboration and builds a sense of family that gives students confidence.

In 2022, the Advanced levels (S5 and S6) were added at Mustard Seed for students who intend to pursue a university degree. Many of our A-level students want to pursue teaching. Others seek degrees in fields such as medicine, law and business.

Mustard Seed Academy is, indeed, changing the world––moving mountains of poverty. As the school motto says: “We can move mountains!”