Give where it’s needed most.

Your unrestricted gift may rescue an individual child or even a whole family. Or, it may supply computers, books, and lab equipment at Mustard Seed Academy.

Other areas that often need support are health and hygiene, agriculture, and nutrition. Unrestricted gifts allow Real Partners Uganda to change more lives.

Give to begin or renew a sponsorship of a nursery or primary school student.

Read more about sponsoring a younger student on the Sponsor page.

Give to begin or renew a sponsorship of a secondary school student.

For more about sponsoring an older student, read the Secondary School sponsorship section of the Sponsor page.

Give to Higher Education (COP)

Give to help students in the Career Opportunity Pathways program (COP). You can choose to donate to the general scholarship fund for the program, or you can sponsor a student. Find out more about the COP program on “Our Programs” page. Email Diane Falk, our COP Sponsorship Coordinator, with any questions.

Give Now

Give Smart Phones, Tablets

Students and teachers all need smartphones in order to access the internet to do research and communicate. The beauty of smartphones in Uganda is that the internet is most easily accessed through mobile phone networks, so phones are more useful than laptops.

If you are getting a new phone (or have some old ones in a drawer waiting to be recycled), consider resetting your old one to the original factory settings and giving/sending it to Real Partners Uganda. We take phones with us on every trip. The need is endless and real. Android and iOS are both useful.

Real Partners Uganda, 5 Sicomac Rd, #203, North Haledon, NJ 07508

Call 973-238-0553 for questions about giving phones.