Covid-19 Response

Help keep these Mustard Seed girls happy and healthy

Covid-19 Response

As students are returning to school, food prices in Uganda are again skyrocketing. Primary 7 and Secondary 4 classes returned to school on October 15, while other students will return in January if all goes well.

To prepare for their big government exams, P-7 and S-4 are boarding at Mustard Seed. Boarding allows the students to have more time and better conditions than they would have at home. Electricity, good beds, food, and help from teachers are all available at school. Such stability is rarely found in the homes of our students.

Primary-1 through Primary-6 students, and S-1 through S-3, are coming to school on a rotating basis to hand in work and pick up new assignments once a week. The plan is to have all students attending in-person classes starting in January when the third term will begin. The government exams are now scheduled for April— six months later than usual— and the end of the school year is also planned for April.

Students who are studying from home will continue to receive food from school, and they are receiving medical care as needed.

All of the extras necessitated by Covid-19 are beyond the school’s budget for 2020. Without your help, the situation would be dire. There is still a need to support these young and vulnerable children both at school and at home. If you can help more, please click on the ‘give now’ button below.



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