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Lukaya, Uganda

Just south of the Equator, close to the shores of Lake Victoria, Lukaya is a bustling trading center with many guesthouses and small restaurants, a big Friday market, and rapid development.

Lukaya has been hard hit by HIV/AIDS. The result is an exceptional number of children and orphans. Many are living with single parents or grandmothers who struggle to care for them.

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We’ve accomplished a lot since 2003

What started as the only nursery school in Lukaya in 2005 grew and grew. Now, Mustard Seed Academy boasts more than 600 students and includes 15 grades–through 5 years of high school.

Students excel and thrive because of special programs, clubs, and facilities, but most of all because of loving care and excellent education. MSA has become the pride of Lukaya.

#1 in Kalungu District

Academic Success

Over 260,000 meals are served every school year.

Food Security

9:1 student to staff at MSA results in a family spirit.

Loving Care

Feel good.
Be inspired.
Be hopeful.

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Our Scholars

All Mustard Seed students need some financial help. At least half of our scholars come from families that are so poor they cannot even afford notebooks.

You can join this life-changing mission for as little as $40 a month. Take a look at the scholars below who are waiting for a sponsor. You can make that difference for one of them or a schoolmate.

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Love Support, Care

Get involved. Show your love, support and care. In addition to student sponsorships, you can support Mustard Seed by giving, volunteering, inviting us to present to your group, and by donating specific items like smartphones.